Hi! Welcome to my page.

I’m Amanda Knapp, an art therapist and counselor, who needs to be creative to maintain health of all kinds. I hope that this blog allows me to record my process toward health and connect with other like minded people in the future. I’m just beginning, so forgive the naiveté.

In thinking of a name and image for my blog, I decided on a Great Live Oak. For me, a live oak is a symbol of great strength, longevity and honor, health, family. Great Live Oaks survive hurricanes and city growth. They live for hundreds of years and become a tree house of sorts for all kinds of life, including Spanish mosses, orchids, and all types of animals. Having graduated from Newcomb College (of Tulane University) in New Orleans, which has an oak as its mascot theme, I am an acorn, working to grow roots.

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