Small Acts of Outrageous Joy 2

Well, So in April, I started a tiny 3X4 ish Moleskein Journal in the bathroom (honestly) just to record “small acts of outrageous joy”. Its just a 5 minute in the morning exercise. And I thought it would be great to have the book in the bathroom because its close to water. So I have been doing these little paintings most days, not every day. I’ve used Crayola watercolors, water soluable graphite stick and sharpie pens. I have done little doodles of things that have made me laugh, explored with water colors in shape and form, tried to do faces, intuitive paintings and frustration paintings. Its been so interesting. I think what impresses me is how fast I can work, how little acts of creativity do not need to take tons of time, be very good or impressive by themselves. But all of these little pages are impressive together. And even though they are out of order and you don’t get to hear about what each one means itself, they tell a story. I am also impressed how I keep trying them. Persistence and practice, right? I highly recommend it. Try a few days and see what comes up for you! photo 14photo 13  photo 10photo 12photo 7photo 6photo 4photo 3photo 2

photo 5


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