Small act of Outrageous Joy




Inspired yet again by the 21 Secrets LIVE workshop with Ardith Goodwin, I’ve added a tiny sketchbook (bought yesterday) in the bathroom, where the watercolors had migrated somehow… Ardith said to “Make marks. All sorts of marks, make marks on your world.” These marks can be fast… this little painting this morning only took maybe 7 minutes, with sharpie and a wash of Crayola watercolor, so cheap! On Facebook, this morning, a cousin posted a clip from Jimmy Fallon’s night show with Anne Hathaway (so beautiful and talented), singing blues versions of rap songs; they were both hilarious and amazingly talented. It made me smile… so qualifies grandly for Extreme Outrageous JOY (a theme from Ardith). I made the little faces (see the influence from that seemingly unproductive characture workshop years ago?) and painted them for the blues. And like Ardith, added other colors for light and modernism, joys. Joys.



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