Map of Change: Geography of Loss


The Geography of Loss, by Patty Digh, suggests to work through loss and grief by mapping your experience and expectations. Examples in the book show using maps as the paper for drawings, cutting silhouettes in the maps, using them as backgrounds. 

ImageI made a color copy of the map I need to use to plan a (very soon) move to a new city and used that as my base for basic pen drawings, a blind contour (with a cheat or two to make it connect :)) and a more detailed drawing with average Pilot pen. There’s a background of layered paper and paint, the basics of the map in color and shape. I am really liking the raw edges of ripped paper that hold the acrylic darkly, providing a natural line of interest. This is the continuation of the watercolor experience (on the opposite page) with mushrooms. I finished pinecones like I had wanted to.





I am very pleased with the result. It looks fairly realistic and the process of drawing the repeating natural shapes was meditative and problem solving at the same time.

Big picture… the move to a new city is two fold, positive and negative. I am moving toward a new job, experiences, people and life. I am also experiencing a continued high level of change and newness, fear producing unknown, that have been the theme for the last year. The pinecone is the symbol for me today for the natural transition, with its beauty and pricks.



2 thoughts on “Map of Change: Geography of Loss

  1. As an art therapist I can completely appreciate the transformative aspect of your creative process. I love your pinecone symbol for positive/negative aspects of your new transition. Many blessings to you!

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