Community Brings Depth

3/2/14: First Blog Post ever!

I am excited to start a simple little blog to record my artsy journey to health.

This art journal page below was the page created with the 21 Secrets Live night this week. It was hosted by Gretchen Miller, who I am proud to call a friend. The night was awesome. I so appreciated the community felt with every question and post to the board on Facebook. I collaged the page according to Gretchen’s recommendations, including using dictionary pages (I used synonym pages with Community) and layering paint, craypas and mixed media. The orange netting is something I had been saving and hoping to use for texture. It became a safety net image for me, about how community provides safety in numbers and in friends who can be supportive. The layers of paper in the hands felt like bones, structure, and maybe the pieces of community that are so important, like individual friends who share a love for creativity and health.


Community Brings DepthFrom 21 Secrets Live 2/26/14

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